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NightCap Scrunchie

NightCap Scrunchie

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The NightCap Scrunchie is the hottest new self defense product on the market. With over 250,000,000 views on Tik Tok and featured on ABC's Shark Tank, this self defense drink cover should be in everyone's arsenal.

Protect Yourself- This NightCap Scrunchie is a dually functional scrunchie that can be used to cover over most cups and glasses to prevent pills and powders from being dropped into a drink.

How it Works- Simply wear on wrist or in your hair until needed. When ready, pull drink cover out of hidden scrunchie pocket, place over drink, pop in a straw and Enjoy! Reusable and Easy to Clean- this NightCapIt drink cover scrunchie is reusable and machine washable. Throw in the washing machine after use and lay flat to air dry.

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